Armament Retooling and Manufacturing Support (ARMS) Act, 
Title 10 USC 4551-4555

ARMS Program Incentives

The ARMS Program is an initiative that injects market forces into underutilized Army facilities; those market forces stimulate facilities reuse.  Reuse converts underutilized property into growing industrial parks open to the private section.  Currently, $206 million of ARMS seed money has been invested at over ten sites thus far.  Properties once seen as liabilities are now firm assets, communities benefit from new and steady revenue streams; and the Army "pays its way" by reducing its cost during downsizing -- ARMS has developed into a winning program with an inviting future.

This program makes underutilized Army facilities available to the private and public sector. ARMS encourages business interests to become tenants at its facilities.  Properties are refurbished to meet the needs of the new tenant and are financed by ARMS.  The subsequent lease includes these upgrades with no interest added.  Facilities are managed and marketed by private sector contractors strongly motivated to meet corporate and Army expectations.  The Army approves all facility and equipment use.  Tenants contract directly with the facility use contractors, not with the Army.  

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